Trinity Council Church passionately seeks the divine establishment of individuals in God’s purpose for life and living as demonstrated by Jesus Christ, God’s approved pattern for all.

The Church, founded by the divine inspiration of Late Evangelist Festus Olutunde SOLANKE (Sept. 26, 1922 – July 10, 2013), was dedicated on the 28th day of February 1981 to fulfill God’s mandate via the following three channels:

Christian Worship & Fellowship: This provides opportunities for individuals to experience warm fellowship with God and with men. You too can join us in any of our different meetings as we sing, pray and study the wholesome teachings of Jesus Christ together. (John 4:24/ 1 John 1:3)

Christian Multimedia Outreach: The channel translates the vision of the church in media programming cum the production and dissemination of multimedia materials. (Psa. 107:20)

Christian Mission Initiatives: Through this channel, the Church reaches out in-person to individuals, groups and communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ and with the provision of needful resources. (John 4:35)

  • To seek the regeneration of life – John 1:3,5
  • To work towards the development of a Christian lifestyle – Gal. 4:19
  • To ensure the reproduction of life via discipleship – 2 Tim. 2:2
  • To create channels for the outflow of a regenerated life – Acts 10:38
  • To rely on grace for an assurance of eternal life – John 17:24
  • Hospital & Orphanage Mission:

    We visit children hospitals and orphanages to pray with the children and provide necessary assistance for the parents of the sick and for the institutions where the need arises.

  • Community Film Outreach:

    We organize a quarterly outdoor film outreach within the Church compound for people in our community.

  • Community Summer Coaching:

    This is a free educational outreach for primary and secondary students in our community. It comes up during the long vacation and it runs for four weeks

  • Community Healthcare Outreach:

    This is a free medical outreach for residents in the community. Professional medical personnel are invited to provide free and general medical services.

  • Community Development Projects:

    The Church involves in simple community development projects like road maintenance and other affordable projects that may come up.

  • Career & Entrepreneurial Roundtable:

    This is a free training for students, artisans, businesspersons and career persons. Our practical workshops are coordinated by professional resource persons.

  • Christian Youth By Exemplary Lifestyle (CYBEL) Fellowship:

    The CYBEL fellowship targets mainly the youths through Bible studies workshops and Christian media projects, such as music, drama and publications. We also coordinate these activities in secondary schools.